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ProbioGuts is a product of fermented spelt with an exclusive blend of lactobacilli and bacilli.

The addition of mint and its bran’s base make this product very appreciated by horses.


Supports digestion

Improves and maintains the balance of intestinal flora

Enhances nutrients and vitamins assimilation

Weight management

Hair shine and horn quality

Helps the horse’s mental balance

This product, developed according to many scientific studies, produced in Belgium, offers many benefits for the health of your horse.


Through scientific research and manufacturing in the laboratory, we are putting the oldest "technology" - microorganisms - back in the spotlight!


The Stable Guts range has been developed around microorganisms to improve the overall health of equines.

Dosage :

Horse : 40 grams / day

Pony : 20 grams / day

Ingredients :
Spelt bran, product of Lactobacillus spp., glycerol, product of Bacillus subtilis, mint.


Ask your veterinarian for advice before taking dietary supplements. Do not exceed the recommended doses.